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We’re holding out for a hero!

The search is on for the real heroes of our industry as the G-Awards organisation is about to unveil a completely new award for the Unsung Hero of Glass & Glazing.

Further details will be revealed when the category goes live on the website in the next couple of days and nominations will be invited from anyone in any part of the industry.

G-Awards organiser Tony Higgin explained: “We have been called the ‘Industry Oscars’ for a while so now it is time to give the world an ‘Industry OBE’ – a sincere recognition of the people who may not grab the headlines but are always working behind the scenes getting things done.

“It could be some benevolent or charitable achievement, perhaps making life better for colleagues or for anyone else, perhaps someone who has overcome particular challenges or simply someone who has done great things for a company but may not have had the recognition they deserve.

“Every company and organisation has an unsung hero and we are out to find them and put them right up there into the spotlight where they belong.”